With SendSafely, your files are always safe.

Items you send via email or share through online services like Dropbox can fall into the wrong hands. With SendSafely, nobody can access your information other than you and the people you share with.

Send files to anyone

You can send anything to anyone using SendSafely. There's nothing to install, and the people you share with don't need to register with us. We've made it as simple as possible...if you can use a web browser, you can use SendSafely.

Request files from other people

We give each user their own person URL that anyone can use to send them items securely, even if they don't have a SendSafely account. Any time you send something with SendSafely, your recipients can also reply back to you.

Total confidentiality and privacy

Services like Dropbox only encrypt your files in transit. Once uploaded, they have full access to all of your information. With SendSafely, nobody can see your data other than the people you give access to...not even us.

Security you can rely on

With SendSafely, your information is encrypted before it ever leaves your machine. We use OpenPGP encryption with AES-256, widely recognized as one of the most reliable and proven encryption protocols available today.

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SendSafely Workspaces: Secure Enterprise Collaboration

SendSafely Workspaces combines the Fort Knox-like security and privacy of SendSafely with the collaboration features of document-sharing platforms like ShareFile, SharePoint, Box and Dropbox.

Organize files and track version history

Support for folders and subfolders lets you keep files organized. Version control lets you see and access prior copies of each file after they are updated, and you can restrict access so that only the most recent copy of each file is viewable by others.

Collaborate with internal and external users

Share content with others with varying levels of access. Each Workspace is completely isolated, and can be shared with a different list of users. Viewers can only download files, while contributors can create and update files and folders in the Workspace. You can even delegate admin rights within each Workspace so that other users can manage the list of Workspace collaborators.

Keep tabs on who is accessing what

Every action your collaborators take within the Workspace is logged so you can keep track of who's doing what. You can even subscribe to the activity log so that you are notified in real-time of user actions, and can export activity data so that it can be imported into another system for analysis and reporting.

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SendSafely vs. FTP and SFTP

It’s no secret that these old protocols have had a good run... but a better alternative is finally here. SendSafely is more secure and easier to use and manage.
Suitable for large file transfers
Common FTP platforms and SendSafely are both capable of handling large transfers.
Files are encrypted in transit
FTP sends data in clear text, however SFTP platforms and SendSafely encrypt between endpoints.
Scalable storage capacity and usage levels
Most FTP platforms and SendSafely are designed to be scalable for both small teams and large organizations.
Files automatically expire
While most FTP platforms leave file removal to the users, SendSafely removes files automatically. No file is left behind.
Download tracking & notification capabilities
Some FTP platforms allow tracking and logging of downloads. SendSafely offers users both download tracking and notifications.
Multi-factor authentication support
SendSafely offers multi-factor authentication out of the box, add-ons are available for some FTP platforms.
Files are encrypted at-rest
Neither FTP or SFTP platforms encrypt files during storage. Files uploaded to SendSafely are always encrypted on the server.
No software to install or configure
FTP typically has to be installed and configured. SendSafely requires only a web browser for both senders and recipients.
No passwords to distribute
Most FTP platforms require an administrator to send users their credentials. With SendSafely, users manage their own accounts.
No special firewall rules required
Most FTP platforms require special ports to be opened in the company firewall. SendSafely works over standard web ports.
Built-in user management controls and usage dashboard
FTP user account management is typically done at command line. SendSafely offers controls for managing users and usage statistics.
Built-in Single Sign-on support
While most FTP platforms have their own authentication system, SendSafely can be integrated with existing SSO solutions.
Custom branding capabilities
With the exception of a login banner, the branding on most FTP platforms cannot be customized. SendSafely Enterprise offers custom branding to match your corporate identity.
No infrastructure to manage
FTP requires dedicated infrastructure and staff to manage it. SendSafely is hosted in the cloud and managed by our team.

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