The features you want with the security you need

The features you want with
the security you need

SendSafely give you the features you want to stay
productive and maintain the highest levels of security.

Access Tracking & Notification

SendSafely lets you see exactly who’s viewing items, when they access them, and even the geographic location where they are accessing from. We'll even notify you when people view sent items, so you won't have to wonder whether they've received them or not.

Ever wish you could un-send something? With SendSafely, you can. Revoke access to sent items at any point in time, or add new recipients as needed.

SMS Verification for Strong Authentication

With strong multi-factor authentication options like SMS verification and two-step login, you can be extra sure that users are properly authenticated before they can access the items you send them.

SendSafely also makes it easy for new recipients by authenticating them with a one-time passcode instead of requiring them to register with our site.

Receive Items from Anyone

Any time you send something with SendSafely, your recipients can also reply back to you even if they don't have a SendSafely account.

We also make it simple for you to receive items by giving each user their own person URL, which anyone can use to send them items securely.

Automatic Expiration & Archiving

With SendSafely you can configure files and messages to automatically expire access after a certain period of time. If someone hasn't accessed an item by the time it expires, we'll let you know so you can extend their access if needed.

After items expire SendSafely can also automatically archive them, meaning the encrypted files are automatically deleted and record of the transfer is preserved to retain an audit trail.

Integration with Outlook and Gmail

The SendSafely Microsoft Outlook Plug-in lets you send encrypted files directly from Outlook with just the click of a button. The process of sending an encrypted file is just like sending a normal file attachment, so your users won't have to learn any new workflows.

For companies that use Google Apps for Business, our Chrome Extension integrates SendSafely with Gmail. Users can add encrypted files to an email message directly from the Gmail compose window.
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SendSafely Enterprise: Built for Business

SendSafely Enterprise: Built for Business

Our enterprise version provides features to let you easily deploy SendSafely across your organization.

User Management and Monitoring

Enterprise administrators can use the SendSafely Enterprise Dashboard to create and manage enterprise user accounts, and view high-level statistics about who within the organization is using SendSafely and how much they use it. Our activity search capabilities let you monitor activity within the platform and export activity logs to virtually any other system.

Administrators can also restrict SendSafely to only certain users within the organization and verify they are using advanced security options, such as SMS authentication, when accessing the platform.

Isolated Geographic Hosting

SendSafely offers hosting in isolated data centers within the United States and European Union. Our platform is also compliant with strict data privacy regulations, like the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

And since SendSafely runs on Amazon Web Services, our platform is highly scalable and leverages multiple availability zones in each data center to ensure high availability.

Support for Single Sign-On

The SendSafely SAML API makes it easy to integrate seamless authentication to SendSafely from virtually any corporate Single Sign-On platform. Users will be automatically authenticated to SendSafely without the need to provide additional credentials.

For companies that use Google Apps for Business, SendSafely also supports seamless authentication using "Sign in with Google", which uses OpenID Connect to provide Single Sign-On using your employee's Google Login.

Customizable Branding & Hostname

SendSafely Enterprise Edition can be branded to look and feel like your other corporate applications. You have the ability to control the URL used to access the site, along with the color scheme and logo that we display on the website. This provides the look of an in-house custom data transfer platform with no setup or installation required.

When you sign up for a SendSafely Enterprise evaluation, we'll even pre-configure the look and feel of your SendSafely instance to match your company's brand so you can see how great your custom theme will look.
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