Connect any file, from any user, using any device.

The Dropzone is a cost-effective way to protect reputation, safeguard data, and meet regulatory and compliance requirements without costly upgrade or replacement of current systems or disruption to your current workflow.

Custom Branded File Drop

The Hosted Dropzone is a turn-key file drop that runs on your SendSafely Enterprise Portal. The Hosted Dropzone can be set up in seconds, there is no coding or technical knowledge required.

The Hosted Dropzone is white labeled with your business logo and custom color scheme, providing a consistent look and feel for customers and business partners. The Hosted Dropzone is also mobile ready, so users can conveniently snap an image using their smartphone camera and then immediately upload the file.

Configurable Access Controls

With the SendSafely Dropzone, you have full control over who can access inbound files. Our API even lets you automatically sync your access control list to an external data source or third party system.

We also give you control over the types of files that are accepted, allowing you to block potentially malicious files from being uploaded. Our embedded viewer for PDFs and images lets you preview incoming files without the need to save them locally.

Connected to your Favorite Platforms

The Dropzone Connector allows you to connect your Dropzone to virtually any third-party platform. The Dropzone Connector is also turn-key, providing non-technical users out-of-the-box capabilities for updating third-party systems with newly uploaded files.

SendSafely has a set of pre-built connectors for popular platforms and a Zapier connector for point-and-click integration.

Embeddable Dropzone Widget

The Dropzone Widget provides the same capabilities as our Hosted Dropzone but can be integrated directly into your own web form, providing a completely customized experience for your users.

The Dropzone Widget can be loaded using a single JavaScript file, so you can natively integrated into landing pages used on popular inbound data collection platforms like Marketo, Pardot, Unbounce and more.

Featured Integration: SendSafely for Zapier

Our Sendsafely Zapier App lets you connect your SendSafely Dropzone to AirTable, Slack, Asana and over 1,000 other platforms. Zapier’s simple to use, point and click interface makes configuring integrations a breeze, even for non-technical users.

SendSafely + Zapier makes it even easier to integrate encrypted files into virtually any workflow.

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