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SendSafely is so easy to use, you won't even notice the sophisticated security at work behind the scenes. Here's a quick look at how Bob would securely send items to Alice using SendSafely.

Bob Encrypts Items and Uploads them to SendSafely

Before Bob uploads items for Alice, they are automatically encrypted with a secret value generated on Bob's machine. The encryption happens before the items ever leave Bob's machine. SendSafely doesn't know the secret value Bob's machine used to encrypt the items, so SendSafely cannot decrypt them.

Bob sends Alice a Secure Link

Bob's machine generates a link that includes the secret value, and Bob emails that link directly to Alice. Since Bob controls the secret value, he controls who can access the files.

Alice uses the Secure Link to Access the Items

When Alice clicks the link, SendSafely verifies her identity and sends her the encrypted items. Only she is able to re-compute the encryption key and decrypt the items.


Want to get a little more technical?

If you are interested in a deeper look at how the process works, press the button below to take a more technical explanation at the Alice and Bob example from above.

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