Our platform lets you securely share private information with anyone

Items you send via email or share through online services like Dropbox can easily fall into the wrong hands. With SendSafely, nobody can access your information other than you and the people you share with.

Share items with anyone

You can send anything to anyone using SendSafely. There's nothing to install, and the people you share with don't need to register with us. We've made it as simple as possible...if you can use a web browser, you can use SendSafely.

Request items from other people

Any time you send something with SendSafely, your recipients can also reply back to you. We also make it simple for you to securely request files or information from others, even if they don't have a SendSafely account.

Total confidentiality and privacy

Sharing services like Dropbox only encrypt your files in transit. Once uploaded, they have full access to all of your information. With SendSafely, nobody can see your data other than the people you give access to...not even us.

Protection you can rely on

With SendSafely, your information is encrypted before it ever leaves your machine. We use OpenPGP encryption with AES-256, widely recognized as one of the most reliable and proven encryption protocols available today.

Full access control

Every time anyone accesses your information, we show you details of what was accessed and the geographic location it was accessed from. You can also configure items to automatically expire and delete after a certain period of time.

Work and sleep better

It almost goes without saying, but with our simple to use interface and high security standards you are bound to be more efficient and sleep well at night knowing your information is well protected from unauthorized access.

Enterprise Ready

Our platform was built business users in mind

  • Enterprise Monitoring and User Management
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps
  • Isolated Hosting in Americas, Europe, or Asia
  • Single Sign On Support using SAML
  • API Integration for Custom Applications
  • Custom Branding to match your Corporate Identity

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