SendSafely for Outlook

The SendSafely Microsoft Outlook Plug-in lets you send encrypted files and email messages directly from Outlook with just the click of a button. Sending an encrypted file is just like sending a normal file attachment.

System Requirements
  • Any version of Windows
  • Microsoft Outlook (2007 or later)

SendSafely for Chrome and Gmail

For companies that use Google Apps for Business, our Chrome Extension integrates SendSafely with Gmail. Users can encrypt entire email messages and add encrypted files to any email message directly from the Gmail compose window.

Our Chrome extension also features a convenient pop-out window that lets you send items directly from Chrome while browsing any website.

System Requirements
  • Mac, Windows or Linux with Chrome 30 or higher installed

See why companies are switching to
SendSafely for Secure Email

SendSafely provides a better alternative to secure email gateways and desktop email encryption products.
With no infrastructure to manage and no complex up-front setup, you'll be up and running in minutes.
Desktop Email Encryption
Secure Email Gateways
No Limits on Attachment Size
Email gateways and desktop encryption programs route attachments through your email server, so they are almost always subject to file size restrictions. With SendSafely, encrypted attachments never touch your email server so attachment size limits are a thing of the past.
No Need for Pre-Shared Keys
SendSafely’s patent pending key exchange protocol does not require pre-shared keys to be established between the sender and recipients. This means you can send an encrypted email to anyone at any time.
Full End-to-End Encryption
Secure email gateways manage encryptions keys for you, but if the server is compromised so are your messages. With end-to-end encryption, nobody other than you and the intended recipients can access messages.
Nothing for Recipients to Install
With SendSafely, recipient’s do not need any special software installed on their machine to send or receive secure email. Our recipient web portal works natively with any modern web browser.
Automatic Expiration of Secure Messages
SendSafely automatically deletes secure files and messages automatically based on user-defined settings.
Download Tracking & Notification Capabilities
SendSafely offers users download tracking and notifications when items are read. You can see exactly who’s viewing items, when they access them, and even the geographic location where they are accessing from.
Multi-Factor Authentication for Recipients
SendSafely allows you to specify the mobile number for each of your recipients to perform multi-factor authentication. A one-time-password is sent to the recipient's mobile device before allowing access to sent items.
Custom Branding Capabilities
Some secure email gateways allow custom branding, but most have clunky interfaces. The SendSafely enterprise portal offers a slick modern interface and custom branding to match your company’s corporate identity.
No Costly Infrastructure to Manage
Secure email gateways require dedicated infrastructure and staff to manage it. SendSafely is hosted in the cloud and managed for you at no extra cost.
No Changes to Email Routing
Secure email gateways require you to insert them into the email routing chain, resulting in the potential for email delivery disruption if an issue occurs.
Built-in Management Controls and Enterprise Dashboard
SendSafely offers controls for managing users and viewing usage statistics across your enterprise.

SendSafely Enterprise

Our enterprise version includes more features for businesses of any size

  • Enterprise Monitoring and User Management
  • Isolated Hosting in Americas, Europe, or Asia
  • Support for Single Sign-On using SAML
  • API Integration for Custom Applications
  • Custom Branding to match your Corporate Identity

Customer Case Studies

See how our customers are benefiting from the security and ease-of-use provided by SendSafely.

Addepar provides an integrated software platform for financial advisors, family offices and wealth managers. They wanted an encrypted file transfer platform that integrated seamlessly with Gmail for Business.

Read the Case Study

Cezanne HR is a leading European provider of human resource solutions. They use SendSafely as a Secure FTP replacement that allows customers to transfer highly-sensitive HR data as part of the on-boarding process.

Read the Case Study