SendSafely integrations add the security and confidentiality of SendSafely
encrypted file transfers to the apps you already use and love.
Not a developer? No problem. Our turn-key integration options don't require coding knowledge. SendSafely is easy to use, and even easier to integrate.

SendSafely Dropzone

Our Dropzone lets you securely receive encrypted files from any user, from any device. Choose from our hosted option, that you can enable with zero coding skills, or a highly customizable version that can be embedded directly into any third-party website or web form.

The Dropzone can be integrated with popular third party platforms like Zendesk, Salesforce and Marketo, and connected to over 1000 other platforms using our Zapier app.

SendSafely for Zendesk

Our Zendesk App integrates our world-class secure file exchange capabilities with this leading help desk platform. Agents can securely send and receive files of any size and type, and our end-to-end encryption model ensures your customer's data is only accessible your agents.

Our Zendesk App is available for free from the Zendesk Marketplace.

The SendSafely API: The Swiss Army Knife of Secure Data Transfer

Our API provides programmatic access to SendSafely, allowing you to integrate secure data transfer capabilities directly into any application. Our API handles all the heavy lifting when it comes to security, like Secure Key Generation, File Encryption, Server Authentication, File Segmentation, and more. SendSafely has developed developer APIs for Windows (.NET), Java, and HTML5/JavaScript.

JavaScript Client API

Pure HTML5 and JavaScript, runs
natively in all modern web browsers

Get it on GitHub

Windows Client API

.NET API that works with
all version of Windows

Get it on GitHub

Java Client API

Pure Java API for cross-platform
support on Java 6 and higher.

Get it on GitHub